About Us

At PT Dunia Investasi Indonesia, we are driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to delivering high-quality products to the global market.

As a leading player in the Indonesian export industry, we take pride in our role in contributing to the growth of our nation’s economy and the promotion of its exceptional products on the world stage.

Our vision is to become a key player in the Indonesian export industry, contributing positively to the country's economic growth while upholding sustainable business values

Our Mission

Value Addition

We are committed to providing value to our customers by delivering high-quality products and services.

Global Market Dev

We strive to expand our local network and access to global markets, aiding local manufacturers in marketing their product internationally.

Commit to Sustainability

We uphold environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practices in our supply chain.

Human Resource Dev

We invest in the development of our employees, ensuring a competent and dedicated team.

Our Service

As a leading player in the Indonesian export industry, we have excellent service for our clients

  • Quality Assurance

    We ensure that all products we export meet international quality standards. We collaborate with trusted manufacturers throughout Indonesia to ensure these products meet the highest standards.

  • Commitment to Sustainabillity

    We aim to contribute to environmental conservation. Our wood products, for example, originate from sustainably managed forests.

  • Customer Service

    Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our customer service team is always ready to assist customers with their needs, including efficient deliveries and accurate product information

Wood Product

one of our products is plywood, we have various types of plywood products

Standart Plywood

Single and double-layer plywood in various thicknesses and sizes.

Tropical Plywood

Our product are made from high-quality tropical hardwoods that are resistant to extreme weather and diverse environmental conditions.

Custom Plywood

We can meet the specific needs of customers with made-to-order plywood

Certifications and Compliance

We ensure that all products we export meet the necessary requirements and certifications in accordance with Indonesian export regulations and destination country regulations.

Competitive Advantages

Jl. Bogor Nirwana Residence F 11, Kota Bogor | Phone: 08111-228-220 | Email: export@duniainvestasi.co.id

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